Horacio S. Cáceres


Entrepreneur full time, since 1990 non stop to the best technology startups, all over the world.

About Horacio S. Cáceres

I am an entrepreneur, and I am passionate about work. I love what I do, and every day I encourage and push myself to think new ideas, new opportunities. My second name is Technology and my broad expertise is over it and Communication area and being said that I can report, that I successfully stretched the rubber band several times, and proudly report that my expertise also include stretching it too long until I broke it. My experience abroad, San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Mexico, for more than 10 years, put me in touch with global thinking, with other people and I was able to developed a great relationship with new friends from all over the world. My background include several Startups in communications, manufacturing, Internet, R&D, electronics, Virtual Developments, TECOs, ISPs, Broadcasting Media, Social Media, Apps, and also increase my view in Marketing, Investments and Banking relationship, which allowed me to obtain over U$10M in founds to create from scratch 21 different companies at six countries. Over the years I learned to keep myself up to speed with new technologies, and now I am creating new concepts and looking for other people to cooperate and develop with them these opportunities, because I believe that Robinson Crusoe was known when he shared his experience. The limit is "There is no limit", so I will do what I love and can, until my last breath of life which now I know, will last every day, another day, thanks to Technology, my passion.