Idoia Sota


CEO and founder of Acuerdo.us and Tintafina.es. Journalist and entrepreneur

About Idoia Sota

For more than 10 years I've been a fair jurnalist and my work has been recognised with awards such the Larra for Journalism. But I never have enough of learning and so in 2011 I started up Tintafina, a small branded content agency that works now for Cortefiel, Guía Repsol, Prosegur, Revolution... Two years later, I started up my current project, Acuerdo —a new digital media and producer-consultancy lab for other media (we've published 'Arma Letal' at El Confidencial), that aims to publish traditional in-depth stories with new narratives. We've published four stories so far, but we haven't reached the quality we are chasing. Our short-term goals are: improving our web development quality, being able to reduce costs in the production of our stories and go overseas. These three aims are very close to get real thanks to a CMS we are developing. In the meanwhile, I work as a media consultant for new projects in Prisa, write here and there (Telos, Verne, SModa...) and try to get women's voice lauder from the feminist club El Club de las 25 presidency, which I hold from this year. Also I teach new narratives as a guest lecturer in colleges such as Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, IE University, Universidad Carlos III; spread the voice of journalism start-ups and new digital culture in lectures and conferences: TrendSpain, Congreso de Periodismo Digital de Huesca, Los nuevos caminos del Periodismo (Universidad Complutense), APM... And rent my house in Airbnb to live as a nomad entrepreneur for a while.