Ignacio Belloch Carrasco


Instant messaging app where you can create your own icons. Google Play & App Store.



About Ignacio Belloch Carrasco

When I thought my entire career would be focused on advertising , I received an Honorable Mention in 2011 for a project involving new technologies. The idea "Sweatonpaper " consisted of an App for Smartphones combining tourism, reading and intellectual development. The user would be starring in an adventure that'd take place in a real city where he would have to solve several mysteries if he wanted to know the final outcome of it. That's when I discovered the potential to unite creativity with mobile technology and decided that was what I wanted to focus on completely. Therefore it was no coincidence that for my Master's thesis project in 2012, I decided to work on another project related to Smartphones : "It's Mine": an app using wireless technology that allowed the user to have his personal effects under control. To achieve this we made a real prototype which we used as a demonstration of its operation. But I didn´t decide to start my own Startup until Cuzz arrived . An instant messaging app where users can create their own icons and communicate in a much faster, funnier and original way.