Iker Burguera


About Iker Burguera

Society needs engineers that can and will change the world. Studying engineering has always appealed to me, mainly because it relies heavily on problem solving and combines some of my favourite subjects, Maths, Science, Electronics and Computers. I have always had an interest in the way things work, and since I was young, science and new technologies have been one of my passions. My interest in sciences, particularly physics, electronic and computers, has developed throughout my time at school and Univesity in Mondragon (Basque Country) and Linköping University (Sweden), and I enjoy the challenge of using scientific, computer and electronic skills in solving everyday problems. I consider myself a person who really enjoys creating new technology projects. As a matter of fact, I have created an Augmented Reality Book called "ARBI and the Fire Breathing Dragon" which is being a great success on Amazon CREATOR OF: http://www.skoobi.es http://www.arbibook.com http://www.educareality.com INTERESTS: - Project Management - Computer Security - Renewable energy - Robotics - RPA Drones - New Technologies - Arduino - Raspberry Pi - Cooking - Biking.