Isaac Muñoz Moreno




About Isaac Muñoz Moreno

I’m a young entrepreneur with high hopes for my startup. I have studied business management at BYU-I, a renowned university in the USA. I’m currently specializing in Sports Management at Centro de Estudios Garrigues, which is a private educational center located in Madrid, Spain. Garrigues is one of the most important law firms in Europe and has organized this master’s degree in sports management along with its Sports & Entertainment office, La Liga and the Spanish Sports Council. I’m becoming keen in sports marketing and media, acquiring also a vast knowledge of sports law, and the legal and financial aspects of a sports company. After my experience as a student-athlete in the USA, I have had the chance to work as a translator and VIP pubic relations for the Spanish Royal Football Federation in different symposiums and congresses. Thus, I have had the chance to develop a wide-ranging network of contacts with prominent managers and administrators in the field football. While attending different football (soccer) conventions worldwide, I have realized the demands and needs of many football coaches and their technical staff. Therefore, I’m developing this business endeavor with the intent to cover the needs of tens of thousands soccer professionals and graduate students in sport & exercise science bringing to them the expertise, innovative research, and first level of experience of Spanish Football.