Isabel Muñoz Pedriza




About Isabel Muñoz Pedriza

Agricultural Engineer, EUR ING, MBA. Technical Auditor, Quality and environment management with training in Occupational Risks Prevention and Signalling & Telecommunication Technologies (ERTMS, CBTC, etc.). Isabel is a business entrepreneur, business analyst, operations manager and quality assurer in LIMMAT GROUP. Isabel has more than 15 years experience from combined business and International experience in consulting and management in different projects in Europe, MENA and South East Asia. She has a broad understanding of both the business and technical implications of the Railway and IT industry. She is a positive, self-driven and open person with an entrepreneurial working style. Isabel has a strong interest in cross-cultural environments. She is patient and tolerant and good at building trust and enthusiasm within teams. Member of: PWN-Global (Norway) Is a global movement of people working towards gender balanced leadership: https://www.pwnglobal.net