Ismael Hamed


Microsoft .NET enthusiast, Full-stack developer, Windows Phone advocate, passionate about UI/UX, and an Open Source contributor.


About Ismael Hamed

I'm a Software Developer specialized in .NET, currently living & working in the beautiful city of Seville, the capital of Spain’s southern Andalusia, where I alternate hacking with bucket loads of sun, tapas, and a relaxed pace of life (yep, that means a siesta now and then). Over the 6+ years of experience writing software for the desktop, web and mobile, I’ve come to develop a good eye for design. I’m a color addicted, maniac for details and passionate about UI/UX. Despite having worked mostly in LOB (Line Of Business) applications, I like to focus on crafting user-centered design experiences. Software should be designed with intention and purpose —something that gets lost when the focus is on endless functionality and options, especially in typical enterprise solutions. For the last year I’ve been developing for both Windows Phone and Windows 8, and obsessing over the "MEAN" stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS). More about me and my work at: http://ismaelhamed.com. Also, give it a shot at my Github repository for a taste of my coding skills: https://github.com/ismaelhamed Specialties: Full-stack .NET, Web application programming, Windows Phone and Windows 8 development, UI/UX, API design.