Nueva generación de smartphones con clavija retráctil, patentado con protección pct

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Improved portable electronic communications device with a housing containing electronic components and an external connecting pin. The pin is designed to connect the electronic components inside the housing to another external electronic device. Its distinctive feature is the fact this pin can be pulled outside of the housing from its initial position, in a reversible manner and without protruding from the housing as such. The device allows for very fast file transfers and affords greater security, as it does not require wireless networks or cables to operate and can be used anywhere. One of its highly innovative features is the ability to transfer battery charge to other devices, including smartphones, tablets and others. One can also share applications, duplicate screens with other gaming devices and enjoy other applications, such as a camera, audio player, etc. Users can transfer data from one USB drive to another and manage the file transfer onscreen. These are only some of the numerous benefits offered by this novel device