Jerry Johnston



About Jerry Johnston

Dr. Jerry Johnston is an author, communicator, filmmaker, Transmedia fundraiser, and the proud grandfather of five grandchildren. Since Jerry Johnston first began preaching in 1974, he has spoken in over 1,200 churches throughout North America and the world and captivated the youth on over 2,500 public school campuses by addressing vital issues. Since then, Jerry Johnston has developed a repertoire as a filmmaker and producer, eventually leading up to his and his wife’s—Cristie Jo’s—production of And Then There Were Nones, a documentary that focuses on the dramatic increase of the religiously disaffiliated. The project is a 3-year, international investigation that drills to the core of the problem, and even offers a cure. Both Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston’s mission has become to use digital technology to speak to the entire world about important messages. They have a vision when it comes to crossing the digital divide: An International Internet Church that features the 700+ messages Jerry Johnston has filmed, and much, much more. With the many experiences the couple and their family have had at home and across the globe, they wish to help others be the best they can be. FontSpace Profile: http://www.fontspace.com/profile/jerryjohnston778