Jesus Marquez

Passionate self-learner and problem solver. Envisioned with revolutionize societies and impact for the best people lives.



'm from Venezuela but I'm now I'm living in Argentina building my company: Web/app platform for letting anyone to know what's all they can get in exchange of what they have. We connect people's needs and haves to arrange reciprocal and multiparty transactions in a trusted community. We eliminates the process of negotiation as Tinder eliminates the need of flirting. With our algorithm is much more probable turn what you have into something you want, including other stuff, services or even money or bitcoins. 

I have been working with other startups from Latam, I'm also the founder a latinamerican community of Startup Founders I have been working in high tech projects with top talented people from all around the world. 

I'm a self learner. I like to solve problems, especially problems that a lot of people suffer. I'm driven by measuring things, like the impact that software solutions can bring to the people's lifes. I believe in a decentralized economy where people can seize any value by matching wants, needs and haves. I studied Geophisical Engineering but I resigned University for doing things that could impact positively millions people lifes.



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