Joseba Sagastigordia


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About Joseba Sagastigordia

Joseba Sagastigordia has a strong background in corporate business, with an overview of the different areas that make up a company, reinforced through the completion of an International MBA and specific training in the areas of Marketing and Foreign Trade. He is currently coordinating the BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE of MONDRAGON CORPORATION which deals with the existing stand ups and start ups projects along with promoting new ones, with the Global perspective of the Corporation. He joins the Knowledge from Mondragon University, the technological innovation coming from their 15 Technological Centres and the expertise of their Industrial Divisions in order to promote and accelerate new business opportunities. His latest role of promoting the Business Development Ecosystem of the Territory, coordinating BIC GIPUZKOA ARRASATE the Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) of Mondragon, SAIOLAN, S.A, a Territorial Business Development Center and lastly the TECHNOLOGY PARK GARAIA in MONDRAGON, which promotes the location and expansion of technology - based Companies, in an ecosystem created for this purpose, has led him to get an expertise on the entrepreneurial phases. Formerly working as global coordinator of PROIEK, a company of the Construction sector created inside a collaborative environment on MONDRAGON GROUP, allowed him to see the birth and consolidation of a very demanding business based on engineering and delivering high value-added Turnkey Projects, placing it as a reference company of the sector. The background and more extensive career of Joseba Sagastigordia has taken place in the field of Business Development and Responsible of Division Units, linked to industrial products, and focused mainly on the development of international markets.