Joseph A. Mandour



About Joseph A. Mandour

Joseph A. Mandour is the managing partner at Mandour & Associates. Mr. Mandour received his Juris Doctorate from Samford University in 1995 and has over 20 years of experience assisting clients in the areas of intellectual property. Mr. Mandour has prosecuted over 1000 applications in the United States and throughout the world‚ and has resolved and litigated intellectual property lawsuits against Fortune 500 companies. For a representative list of litigation matters‚ please see our Intellectual Property Litigation page. Mr. Mandour is the founder of IntellectualPropertyNews.com and the Intellectual Property Trial Lawyers Association‚ and has been quoted on intellectual property issues by a variety of national media outlets such as NBC News‚ ESPN‚ and the Hollywood Reporter. Mr. Mandour focuses on the big picture for clients in creating‚ exploiting‚ and protecting all forms of intellectual property (including patents‚ trademarks‚ trade dress‚ copyrights‚ and trade secrets).