Juan Manuel Perez


Corporte lawyer; Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurs Group in BROSETA Abogados; Specialist in M&A, Startups &Venture Capital

About Juan Manuel Perez

I am a senior lawyer (abogado) in the Spanish law firm Broseta Abogados with offices in Valencia, Madrid and Zúrich. I am specialised in the legal advice to national and international clients operating in different sectors specially on Corporate & Commercial Law issues, M&A and Venture Capital transactions, Startups and International Business Transactions. I have a strong expertise in the legal advice to private investors (business angels, venture capital funds, etc.) and to emerging companies (i.e.: startups, entrepreneurs, etc.) as well as to large and consolidated national and multinational companies (mainly innovative and tech companies) in their activity both at national and international level. I am also the Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurs Team of Broseta Abogados focused on the legal advice to local and international startups and emerging and innovative high-tech companies and other relevant players promoting and supporting them in the Spanish entrepreneur ecosystem (i.e.: business accelerators, venture capital funds, business angels, universities, business schools, scientific parks, etc.). The Innovation & Entrepreneurs Group of Broseta Abogados is composed by a truly strong and multidisciplinary team of professionals able to offer global solutions to any legal and financial needs of startups and innovative high-tech companies and other relevant players financing and supporting them. Among other services, we may assit all such players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem on any legal and financial needs including corporate and commercial law, investment rounds by private investors (i.e.: business angels, venture capital funds, etc.), IP/IT, patents, e-commerce, data protection, public subsidies, R&D incentives, business strategy, tax planning & incentives, IPOs, international expansion, M&A transactions, joint ventures, etc. Visit our website for more details: http://www.broseta.com/areas/innovation-entrepreneurs/