e+ Consulting


taking dreams to reality; connected with the sea, techonology and solidarity.-


About e+ Consulting

I am Argentinian, I always thought that the nature is the best thing in the world. So I always worked for her. In 2010, I founded my own Non-Gubernamental Organization in my city Mar del Plata. Located on the coast of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We did concientization campaigns about the pollution on the beaches, seas and aquifers. Solidarity campaigns bringing food, potable water, clothes and books, travelling around my country and promoting sailing, no matter the condition of the kids. Because I think that everybody has the right to feel the prettiest experince of sail and feel conected with the elements. I also worked with technology since I was a kid, and two years ago I designed a system to improve the security and life quality on ships. This have been recognised by some institutions (for example; the Argentinian Ministry of Industry and the Panamerican Congress of Naval Engineering). Now my life-course has changed and I am living in Barcelona. I am willing to transform my new ideas from dreams to reality, and I wish I will meet the team to help me do it !