Julián Díaz-Santos


I'm an avid enthusiast of the fintech sector and internet-based b2b, b2c and c2c

About Julián Díaz-Santos

I'm an avid enthusiast of the e-commerce sector and internet-based businesses centered on business-to-partner, partner-to-partner and business-to-business. Founded creditopocket.com in 2010, acquired by the Wonga Group in 2013 to become Wonga Spain. My history in the online sector has been marked by the creation in 2009 of a market place called Sibaritic.com. After a period of 3 years as CEO of Wonga Spain I comeback to my enterpreneur role. Currently I'm cooking the first potential spanish unicorn in the fintech sector. Prior to the online sector, I devoted my career to the world of real estate investments, creating the business group called Group Metro 2000. Through this group, I developed various real estate projects in Spain, Bulgaria, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Panama. In addition, I'm involved in various ventures (logistics, distribution, Finance) in the Spanish market as an investor and board member.