Juliet Chen


Story voyager with optimistic belief in the collaborative impact of the collectives. Obsession with better #CX. Purposeful urban cyclist.


About Juliet Chen

The city where I come from is humbly small with ambitions incredibly grand. Grand ambitions drove me to discover the world - from Taipei to Boston, Shanghai to London - I've embraced new cultures. My journey liberates me from any one place, and gives me the freedom and audacity to adapt anywhere. Seeing the world has its merits, but an opened mind and deepened empathy are voyager's' true reward. Throughout my studies and career, I continuously learn how to work better within diversity. I believe in collaboration - only by working better together can we build a sustainable future. I'm curious and always listening first. I obsess about how technology can bridge the distances that once stood in the way of collaboration; how social media has completely changed the way we communicate with the world. We're fortunate to live in a time when brands have the privilege to serve as catalysts to create a culture around which communities come together. It takes guts for a brand to live its values. I'm passionate about helping individuals and organisations identify and communicate their purpose and explore new ways to engage with their community. I hope to bring my experience and expertise to participate in your story, to tell your story and to connect many others.