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✉: info@fusionanalyticsworld.com (Off) / kalyanbanga@gmail.com (Per) ☎: +91 94 3394 8532 Website: http://fusionanalyticsworld.com Quora Profile: https://www.quora.com/profile/Kalyan-Banga Kalyan is Founder & Principal Business Analyst at Fusion Analytics World. He has expertise in areas of Market Research, Market Intelligence, Business Analytics, Customer Experience and Managing Startup GTM business strategies. He has played a key role over past 14 years in numerous Research, Analytics and Consulting projects. Frequently Kalyan features in Press Articles. He was previously leading the Product Development team at Netscribes - a team dedicatedly working on developing research products. He had been managing Global Retainership / Pulse Tracker at AMI Partners. He has been widely quoted by leading trade and business publications such as CIO Review, 1IT Enterprise, Zintro, CRN, CIOL, Tab Times, Economic Times, ITBizfocus, Voice & Data, Channel World and the likes over the past 8 years... Specialties: Startups, Entrepreneur, Business Analytics, Text Analytics, Market Research, Customer Experience, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Sales & Marketing. “Fusion Analytics World” is an award winning Global Research, Intelligence & Analytics firm helping business leaders across industries make informed business decisions.. Individuals / Consultants / Freelancers: If you passionate and have flair for writing, please write for us and we will feature your content. You can list your profile in our Database section. Research & Analytics Players/ Service Providers /Training Institutes: You can outsource your research, intelligence and analytics requirements. FAW team can work as extension to your team. You can also connect for featuring your CXO in our interview segment, work with us to bring to our readers your latest news/product features etc. Additionally, your marketing team can write articles and list your business in our directory section. For Advertisers / Companies looking to Partner / PR Personnel and Others: We have various options to engage with you on short term / long term basis which will be mutually beneficial. Reach out to us on kalyan@fusionalyticsworld.com or CALL +91-9433948532. Don't miss the latest updates: Website: http://fusionanalyticsworld.com Follow on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/fusion-analytics-world Like Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/AnalyticsFusion Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/analyticsfusion