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About Kjell Torgersen

Experience Self Employed Quality Engineer Self Employed Contractor Dates Employed Jun 2005 – Present Employment Duration 11 yrs 10 mos Location Málaga Area, Spain For the moment, Independent Real Estate Broker and Technical Manager with Global Properties Investments here in Spain. At this moment I am also getting very involved with KOLOS AS (whom I have worked with with since 2009) and IRIS Group, both based in Bergen, Norway. This involvement covers the use of UAV/UAS Inspection etc. using Drones. So far, I'm translating presentations from Norwegian to English, then Spanish. We expect to start marketing these "new age" outside of Norway very soon and contracts for the inspection of all of Norway's Power Lines are already in place. Also, the Norwegian State Railroad (NSB) is already a client where KOLOS/IRIS are involved in inspection toward maintenance of Power Lines, Bridges, Tunnels etc. Otherwise, my qualifications are as follows: - Paint and Coating Inspection - Piping Insulation Inspection - Welding Inspection and Supervision - QC / NDT / Welding Management - ITP implementation, follow-ups and Expediting - MC (Mechanical Completions) - FAT (Fabrication Acception Tests) - SIT (System Integration Tests) - Pressure Testing - Hydrostatic Testing & Preservation - Drill Stem Inspection - NDT Instructor - WPS, WPQ, preWPQRs - Load Testing - SQS / PVIC Assessments - ET (Eddy Current Testing) - MT (Magnetic Particle Inspection) - PT (Dye Penetrant Inspection) - RT (Radiographic Inspection) - Radiographic Film Interpretation - VT (Visual Inspection) - UT (Ultrasonic Inspection) - HT (Hardness Testing) - PMI (Positive Material Identification) - QA / QC Coordinator - SJA (Safe Job Analysis) - HSE Inspections & Improvements - HSEQ Issues - Technical Auditor (NDT & Welding) - 3rd Party Verification - Ferrite Analysis - Responsible NDT Level 3 - Video Inspection - RCAs (Root Cause Analysis) - NCRs (Non Conformance Reports) - RFDs (Request for Deviation) - RFCs (Request for Concession