Loan Bensadon



About Loan Bensadon

Loan Bensadon Naeder grew-up in Madrid, Spain, and went to school at the Lycée Français until his age of graduation. He was then admitted at the School of Pharmacy of University Complutense, period during which he acquired a broad knowledge of natural sciences taught on a Materia Medica base. He obtained his MSc degree in 2012 after a successful R&D project at Utrecht University. Soon later, he co-founded Medicinal Gardens SL. The start-up's main objective is to become the first European company to fully exploit the miracle fruit's potential as a source of bioactive compounds for the development of innovative health promoting products. The key activities of the company are regulatory affairs, Research & Development, Intellectual Property and the creation of sustainable and Access and Benefit Sharing supply chain. Loan has visited almost forty countries (Myanmar, Syria, Guyana, Israel, Peru and Guatemala among them) in less than thirty years and he fluently speaks Spanish, French and English. As for today, he is settled in Köln (Germany), flexibly employed in Apotheke Lux 99, learning German and working in his start-up. He describes himself as an open-minded entrepreneurial scienceman in constant update. “Curiosity-driven observation of the natural functioning of our surroundings is the best inspiration for the development of innovative, sustainable and QOL-promoting solutions.”