Lord Wayne



About Lord Wayne

I am looking for Investors (BUSINESS ANGEL). I am an International British re-known Jazz and Pop guitarist and I have worked for 10 years in Hollywood as an Arranger/Conductor/Band Leader for Symphonic Orchestra and also writing film music. Then as a live guitarist I have been side-man and Arranger for lot of UK / US Super Stars, and also working for them in Recording Studios before being on my own and touring the world as a Solo Artist. And all through the years I have established an excellent record sales organization and have had first-class business connections throughout the world. That's why now after so many tours I would like to create a Top Recording Studios in Spain for International Super Stars (most are my friends) and also for Spanish Talents where it would be possible to promote them worldwide with my record distributors Tunecore/Universal . I am convinced there would be a promising market regarding this Recording Studio and Spanish Talents specially that the demand from the Spanish Show business has been increasing steadily over the past few years. They all go to England in America to get the good Anglo-Saxon Sound so why not coming to them in their own country. It's also good tourist attraction because Super Stars around drag lot of people. The Studio could be rented to Super Stars and it's between a €1000 and €2000 daily since it would be what we call an “In Residency Recording Studios” which means Stars come and they pay for the Studio, Accomodation and food etc. They usually rent for a month or two and sometimes for a year (what we call lock-out) the Rolling Stones did once for 3 Years lock-out. I have terminated my business in Australia since 2005 and transferred my assets somewhere else, that's why I am now looking for an Investor. The installation of such a Recording Studio can bring a fast pay, usually within the first year of operations. I know my Job and I am convinced that this sound and ambitious programme will enable Spain to put right its economic and financial situation as well as its competitiveness.