Manuel Delgado Tenorio


Co-Founder @LeadsOrigins // Mountain Bike = buena vida // Constancia, perseverancia y firmeza de propósito

About Manuel Delgado Tenorio

I am a seasoned marketing professional with a solid background of technology skills. A career devoted to selling and marketing technology in B2B environments. I run my own IT company for 6 years. My colleagues believe that I am very effective at transforming businesses, improving the marketability of their product/services with a mix of marketing strategy, business refinements and technology tools. I have done this many times in the past, but SICE and atSistemas are my largest-scale success stories.
 My career, started in 1998, has always developed under the influence of 4 different axes: marketing, technology, project management and international business. 

Native speaker of Spanish; near-native speaker of English; working knowledge of other European languages. Born in 1976, I am more of a digital native than most digital natives. A member of Mensa España (ID# E-01647). Also, a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA).