Manuel García García


Conocedor del mundo Startup en todas sus vertientes.

About Manuel García García

Entrepreneur for over 15 years, always in projects based on Internet or Mobile Phone with own projects as OnCurso, Gestko, Spain and Galicia in Coworking, among others. I am also a tutor or mentor to LeanMonitor program, School for Entrepreneurs and different courses on Lean Startup. Expert in Lean Startup, business models, growth startups, niche markets, application of new technologies. Opinion Analysis collaborate with EconomiaDigital.com Developer Experience, Teaching, Team Leader, Department of R & D & I. Experience in various sectors: Advertising, Elearning, Consulting, Training, Self. Experience for different platforms: Web, PDA, Mobile, Touchscreen. Knowledge in implementing external apis as Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter. Clients we've worked with: Repsol, Telefónica, Loewe, Renault, Banco Santander, American Express, Lenovo, IBM, Soluziona, Xunta de Galicia, AEDyR, ING, UNICEF.