Manuel José Cabrera Méndez


Electrical Engineer. Creative Soul. Maker. I used to grow lettuces in my free time. Now trying to make a living from it!

About Manuel José Cabrera Méndez

Manu, 26 years old, holds a degree in Electronics and Automation Engineering from the European University of Madrid and a postgraduate diploma in Business Management from the University of California, Riverside. He also pursued a Master for Impact Through Innovation at UE Business School. His passion with everything related to electronics, has lead him to carry several projects related to IoT (Internet of Things), sensors, 3D printing and lean prototyping, such as custom aeroponic and hydroponic automated system and cuBS, a digital piggy bank project for banco Sabadell. Manu has also led and coordinated water monitoring projects in emergency contexts like Syrian refugee camps in Zahle (Lebanon) and some rural areas like Kihurio in Tanzania. He designed and developed low-cost electronic devices to give international NGOs real- time data about different water supply infrastructures. During the last 2 years, Manu, as a highly curious and committed guy, and through lot of lean experimentation, mastered the main hydroponic and aeroponic systems: Deep water culture, Nutrient Film Technique, Low Pressure and High Pressure Aeroponics, Floating Raft Method and has also developed its own hydroponic systems handmade wood gardens for particulars and restaurants or the “vertical aeroponic pot” incorporated now in Optimus Garden. What started as a little hobby has now become the main work focus for Manu, being a specialist in soilless farming. Manu firmly believes that we are on the verge of new agriculture era. A new eco-urban and sustainable model, and foresees a green revolution that will inevitably involve more efficient, creative and intelligent solutions to solve the main drawbacks of gardening in cities.