Manuel Morales


A possitive-minded Software Engineer and a dreamer, in love with my kids, wife and life, willing to leave a better world after me..

About Manuel Morales

When I was 14, my father walked in with a box in his hands. On that box you could read "Sinclair Spectrum Plus - 48K". My father told us "take this, I think this will be the future". That was in 1984. I instantly knew that there was something huge in that machine. That was when I first met software development, self-learning programming in Basic with a Spectrum Plus: pure creativity. Some years later I was studying the Computer Science career in University of Cádiz. From Structured Programming to Object Oriented Programming. From Pascal to C Language. From Unix to Windows. My professional career has covered all positions in Accenture, for more than 20 years. I've been involved in top projects with first-class clients in several sectors. I've led high performance teams in extremely complex projects. I got used to work under pressure, and I've been always surrounded by great professionals. The last half of my career in Accenture took place in Andalusian Health Service, where I had the honour of leading their Interoperability Strategy. A success case in Spain that is still published in HL7 Spain website. There I could confirm and validate my personal approach about how software should be integrated in large healthcare ecosystems. And there is where Nubentos was born, long before it had a name. Now I am lucky to wake up every morning to take one step closer to move Healthcare worldwide towards the Digital Healthcare that will impact in millions of people from now on.