Manuel Valadas Preto


Telco engineer with an extended experience in payments and banking, now revolutionising the fintech world

About Manuel Valadas Preto

Fintech expert with skills gained in Banking (+10 years) and Telecom (+10 years) industries. I teach and consult for major corporations and technology start-ups, mainly in payment innovation. Now growing my company in Digital Banking and Mobile Payments as a tool for Financial Inclusion. I have been accumulating a valuable understanding of Customer Behaviour and Customer Experience in Payment and Banking; I increasingly believe that, because people are more emotional than rational, to succeed you have to design your products to fit emotional needs and concerns. I have an MBA from London Business School and a telco engineering degree from Lisbon’s Instituto Superior Técnico. I complemented my skills with and an executive course in Financial Inclusion from Harvard Business School and a entrepreneurship course from LBS. I am dual Portuguese/Dutch and have a broad international exposure to Western Europe and Latin America with focus in Iberia. I was born in Mozambique, Africa. I have been deeply involved with the Environmental NGO "Save Our Surf", and, being very serious about watersports, I surfs as much as I can. Before chasing waves (or vice-versa), I was a high competition sailor being a member of the pre-Olympic team for Atlanta and having several National and European championships in my curriculum.