Marcin Dariusz Stankiewicz


I work at Customer Service of Vivadogs and Vivacats. During my academic carreer I studied History and Classics.


About Marcin Dariusz Stankiewicz

My name is Marcin Dariusz Stankiewicz and I am from Wrocław (Poland). I was studying at the University of Wrocław (MA in History and BA in Classics). I also participated in exchange with the University of Liverpool including stay as a Visiting Research Student. In Spain I was initially working as a teacher of languages (English, Polish and Coptic) in Seville. My student were individual students, professional employees and academic student. In 2019 I moved to Madrid and started work at the Customer Care of Vivadogs and Vivacats, Since then I am providing the support for the customers from several countries including Germany, United Kingdom and Portugal.