Marcos Martín


Biomass Jeday building a green world//Co-founder under @M_Millennials //VP @aebiom, Pellets ENplus Architect, BM @avebiom//Business Angel



About Marcos Martín

As “Bioenergy jedi” at European Union, is Vice-president of the European Pellet Council and Vice-president of the European Bioenergy Association, Forest Europe Expert, member of Industry Pellets Forun Comitee, World Bioenergy Association Expert , FAO consultant and Advisory Board Member of the Spanish Association of Mountain Municipalities. As director of International Relations and lobbying activities at AVEBIOM, Marcos Martin is responsible at all levels to represent the interest of Bioenergy, lobby initiatives included, working to educate legislators at Spanish and European level on the benefits of switching to biomass as renewable energy. Additionally, he is a member of the Board of Bioenergy International Spain and Latin America, a specialized communication group with presence in 37 countries. As entrepreneur, he chairs and co-funds in 2007 Bio-E-Resorces and B-Strategies, a services based corporation on clean energy. He Co-funds in 2014 Menorca Millennials a disruptive project to scale and invest in start-ups and connect them with Silicon Valley. He is Business Angel in cool tech projects and start-ups Judge at “4YFN Barcelona Mobile World Capital” and “Start-up Chile”. He has been professor at Camilo José Cela University at a Business Administration Program in 2013-14. Prior, he had experience in implementing Forest Sustainable Management projects at field and coordination level. He holds a Master in Forestry Management from the University of Valladolid, Spain and a M.B.A at INDAE (Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo Administrativo y Empresarial).