Martin Khan


I'm a digital marketing nerd who likes action movies and is inspired by technological advancement and space (Go Elon!).


About Martin Khan

I'm always on the look for opportunities that would help me develop my skills and help companies satisfy their customers. I absolutely love learning on my own, which is how I've learned almost everything so far. While I usually spend my day working with SEO, I also like business and design as well. That's why I can't promise to rank a client for the word "cat," but I most likely know how to increase their revenue. One of the biggest challenges in the SEO industry currently is that most of the "experts" who have some understanding of SEO but are not able to see the big picture, i.e., that SEO should be seen as a business strategy and not "just another thing you do online." And not to mention the ones who only have basic knowledge but are being motivated by youtubers. Now, should we hire only highest-paid SEO consultants? No, I believe there has been a big shift in this industry that allows junior SEOs to have great success among the already known giants in the game. "How's that?" you might ask. Well, as many of you have seen, the elaborate tools and knowledge that's out there is more than enough to allow a junior consultant to achieve success with his/her clients. However, when it comes to fee vs. hours, the juniors will always "win". That's because their lower fees allow you to hire them for longer hours. And the SEO industry has changed exactly in that way - someone needs to put in the long hours. Now, are they a little more inefficient? Probably. But in the long run, you'll need someone to put in the hours. On a side note, as a business owner, one such tool that allows you to execute SEO strategies efficiently is Morningscore.io. It supports the fundamental idea that you should be able to find out precisely the value of your organic traffic generated through your SEO activities. The tool's intelligent data collection features are available without any installations. This is because we designed Morningscore for entrepreneurs and CMOs, with the primary focus on features that allow them to track the value of their SEO campaigns without dwelling in too many details. Additionally, you're even able to examine your SEO agency's performance or monitor competitors' SEO activities and effectiveness. Although Morningscore might come off as an ordinary tool, in the process of simplification, we had to produce more intelligent features involving complex calculations and data. This combination is what allows us to provide you with an understandable overview that helps you find out the SEO value in dollars and hours. These features would ultimately help you prioritize and structure your SEO activities based on ROI.