Michael Counihan

Startup Fundraising, VC, and M&A. Former Founder and CEO of tech startup at top incubator. MBA at IESE and University of Chicago - Booth



I help companies formulate top level strategy, raise money, and get acquired. I work with the top Technology Boutiques and experts to provide my clients with the best service based on their specific situation and needs.

Previously, I founded and was CEO of a tech start-up in a top incubator. I've worked more than 5 years in Investment Banking, Company Fundraising, Investment Research, and M&A.

I teach Finance and Lean Startup Entrepreneurship at major universities, top business schools, technology incubators, and privately.

Professional credentials include CFA and top tier MBA. Working experience in the United States, London, and Spain. Dual US and EU citizen. Native English speaker who also speaks Spanish with professional proficiency.

Organizer of Barcelona Lean Startup Circle, one of the largest startup and tech groups in Spain. Former startup in SeedRocket Accelerator (www.seedrocket.com), one of Spain's most selective and longest running.


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