Miguel Chacón


I am a businessman, entrepreneur, and enthusiast. 100% committed to the development of my ideas and projects.



About Miguel Chacón

I'm 52 and I am in a lifetime undertaking in my projects. I have had several companies relative success but traditional type. I am founder of Real Estate Portal MICASA (miCasa.es) in which I am making some changes and some more project. I am among those who think in this times, successful companies, are those born by and for the Internet. Currently I am focused on finding technological partners and investors for my last business idea, a project designed by and for mobile devices that I have the certainty that my project will be successful, like "Bla bla car", "Just eat" or "wallapop "but billing, because of the latter, I have no news that today, there is not a single euro invoiced after the amount of money they have spent on development and advertising. I know that my project is "viable", "likely", "investable" and it will be very "profitable" The project needs only a small initial investment (100,000 €), from investors to risk in the early stages and when it goes well, invest more capital and/ or assess if the company will be sold risk capital investors. I am 100% ready, willing and able to undertake.