Soy estudiante de cuarto año de ingeniería náutica,naval,marina, radioelectronica y de transporte maritimo..


My name is Mimoun lahyani saidi, born in Spain in 23.06.1995, I studied my science and technology high school in Malaga, after that I get to Cadiz polytechnic university in school of naval, nautical and radio electronic engineering in 2014 and since then my university career started, I studied all the engineering modules and passed them, in 2016 I went to Erasmus+ programme to Cork, Ireland to study at cork institute of technology (CIT) at National maritime college of Ireland, I get a lot of experience and culture changing with other Friends from all the world, in 2017 when i was at class my mentor said that the university and city will choose only 8 ambassadors that will represent ireland and CIT in the world, so i decided to participate in the selection and i was the only male student select from more tan 200 candidates, the other seven were all girls students from different departements, well the emotions that i felt i cannot decribe them with words, so i chose Thailand, i went then in summer and i started my job the as ambassador and as science and languages teacher in government school as well, this experience that gave me more values and that taught me more about the responsability in this world, one of the factors that helped me in my candidate it was languages but the most important was my extra volunteer work in spanish red cross for more than 5 years participating, sharing my knowldege with other students and trying tu put my Little part of sand in this world. After my ambassador period, i get the diploma from the CIT for the work i did as ambassador and most important is the responsability and the very well communication with the Thailand people, sharing our european values and at the same time learning from them the different aspect of life too.Well, my erasmus+ period finished and i came back to Spain to finish other modules of engineering. Well this is the Little resume of my life as Young man, thank you so much