About Miriam Pinto Navarrete

Apartment # 118, 7Th Street, Kennedy Vieja Guayaquil- Ecuador (593)04-5031950 0995457077 miriampinto90@hotmail.com www.linkedin.com/ Miriam Pinto Skype instant messenger (windows live messenger) Miriam Pinto Sex Female | Date of birth 02/06/1990 | Nationality Ecuadorian WORK EXPERIENCE  The most important work experience was in a construction project supplied by the company LOPINGE S.A. using GPON networks in a building called Bellini inside of the city of Guayaquil, a passive optical network gigabit. Bellini is one of the newest and the most import building which was established in 2014 with the creation of recommendations ITU -T - G984.X.  The description given above handles large margins of bandwidth to service commercial and residential, improving its performance in the transport of IP services with MPLS technology with a transmission medium called optical fiber.  Connections in the joints and adjustments to change to the new network at Bellini Building.  Engineering department at Universidad Catolica Channel: Cleaning equipment maintenance and repair PC, cameras, microphones, and replacing audio cabling.  General functions such as control audio levels, colorimetric levels, recording TV programs, TV circuit system, operational control, electronic control, calibration and adjustment of cameras. JOB APPLIED FO POSITION PREFERRED JOB STUDIES APPLIED FOR JOB APPLIED FOR Technical Department Lopinge S.A POSITION Telecomunications engineering intern PREFERRED JOB Intern in the area of transmission and earth station. STUDIES APPLIED FOR Graduate Applied Telecomunications engineer PERSONAL STATEMENT A graduate with strong communication and organizational skills gained in telecommunication engineering, now seeking to move into working in the area of information technologies, services for new generation networks and dinging web page ACTUALLY WORK AT: PUNTONET S.A