muriel moscardini


You smile is your logo, Your personality is your business card, How you leave others feeling after meeting you, becomes your trademark.

About muriel moscardini

I developed my career in big corporations as well as small companies, building up new teams, new organisations, new businesses, new products, new strategies. After 2 crazy years in New York City, I am willing to give back all what I have learned the past 20 years, in Europe, Asia and the US, while baking a new project. I am offering a disruptive consulting model to start ups willing to move on to the next steps, going global, finding new sources of revenues, secure their first customers, create partnerships. If you are willing to get high profiles in business and operations and access to a huge network in tech but still can't afford them, call me, let's talk. French, mom of 2, born in Marseille, speak fluently french, English and Spanish. industrial engineer.