Oscar Carbajo



About Oscar Carbajo

Entrepreneur and company owner who defines himself as idea builder. Specialised in the creation of multimedia and digital products. I like doing things well. That's why I first try to understand the context of the idea and then I generate a vision that defines why and for what things are done. I understand my job as a loop in which I iterate from the definition of the necessity up to the implementation. The number of iterations shall be between the necessary and the possible ones. I mind for the user experience in each project I work at. Enthusiast for the lean methodology, for the lateral thinking and gamification as the paradigms for creating healthy, creative and highly efficient work environments. In my free time I try to learn something new every day and I participate in innovation projects. Specialities: Visual Thinking, Design Thinking, Service design, Business design, Experience design, Lean UX, Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup, Human Focus Centered methodologies.