Pablo Rodríguez


Entrepeneur and passionated about Human development and Technology

About Pablo Rodríguez

With initial training in Computer Engineering, my career has subsequently oriented to everything about people and organizations development, having received training in marketing, human resources and coaching, being one of the 25 people in the whole world trained by the fathers of coaching: Mr. Timothy Gallwey, Mr. Graham Alexander and Sir John Whitmore. Some years ago I also started a Degree in Psychology an in Pedagogy, in order to "close" the circle regarding to the people development. I also was trained in diverse things as "Model Thinking" in the University of Michigan, "Game Theory", in Stanford University, or Certified LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™ Trainer, again with the father of a methodology, in this case LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™, Robert Rasmussen. More, all this years I've been developing some IT projects and learning about new technologies, one of my passions. I'm very creative in this context, having developed one of the first invoicing systems in the cloud in 2003, the first healthcare system in the cloud (2004) and some other innovative projects, all of them oriented to the Internet like being on the start up team of Softonic.com, the #1 Downloads portal in the world. My last project is Domesting, being the 1st online home services firm that joins its own Premium services with a social marketplace, creating a reliable bookings system, and incredible and funny experience.