Pablo Mencía Comesaña


Architect, runner, passionate about technology, photographer, traveller, music lover and many other things (not necessarily in this order)

About Pablo Mencía Comesaña

I'm an architect from the School of Architecture of the University of A Corunna (Spain) and have worked in various positions in real estate companies, both in Spain and Brazil. My academic training as an architect and my professional experience have allowed me to learn about project development, including projects' technical and financial analysis and also its executive direction and management. I have also played roles in commercial and business development areas. I've always been passionate about technology, and in the last year I've focused my career in the world of startups, especially in everything related to the field of shared economy. I'm currently working on Deskally, a project in which I've been lucky to meet many interesting people and has given me the opportunity to learn something every day.