Pablo Moga


Medlia Co-founder and head of UX. Changing the medical mindset from the inside.


About Pablo Moga

No matter how much effort you put when working. No matter how much time you spend doing the job. No matter your implication, unless it is surrounded by passion. It's a pretty mainstream affirmation: I'm not saying anything new. However, it's my daily reality. Designing digitally is my passion, no matter what. Corporate image, multimedia, motion graphics, typography, whatever. I put everything on what I do, and I'm happy doing it, so everyone working by my side can work happily as well. That's it. Oh, and I love playing drums, and surfing, and reading, and traveling, and avocados. I love avocados. And I like meeting new people (much better if they are from far away and speak about other cultures). I love the cold that belongs to the mountains, and their silence. And I love my family. They are my support anytime, anywhere.