Patrick OConnor


A driven entrepreneur with strong analytical skills, negotiation insight, staff management, and outstanding presentation skills

About Patrick OConnor

I was a volunteer firefighter for five years and developed the idea for 3AM's first project while working for the Grand Island Fire Department in Grand Island, NY. For this project, I am currently overseeing the build and prototyping for the proposed technology. I still maintain a close working relationship with the Grand Island Fire Hall as well as other departments in the upstate NY area, which have agreed to perform all testing for the proposed project. My experience with business functions through various previous positions, developed skills needed to facilitate a solid working relationship with team members and external entities. I accumulated leadership skills while conducting project management and as a team lead. I am able to ensure that my team reaches established goals on time and within budget. I am driven by my passion to create a technology that will revolutionize the available tools for first responders; this passion stems from both my previous and my brother’s continuing service as firefighters.