Pau Llop


Social & Media entrepreneur. Ashoka Fellow. Bottup & Fixmedia founder.

About Pau Llop

Digital&Media entrepreneur. Ashoka fellow. I am a digital professional with experience in implementation and management. I have worked in both public and private big companies. I also have developed my career on my own: I founded and ran my own business for almost 8 years. I have conceived, created and launched several startups, including Bottup.com, the first worldwide platform for participatory journalism in Spanish language, and Fixmedia.org, a tool for peer to peer editing news. I have a 360-degree view of the digital product, focusing from the perspective of Communication, Marketing, Business Design and Development. Specialties: → Project and Product Management → Business development → Innovation in media processes → Lean Startup methodology → App design: UX, UI, HCI → Crowdfunded and Crowdsourced models → Journalism / Editorial / Web content → Teaching & Mentoring → Public Relations, Conference, Speaking