Pere Rosales


About Pere Rosales

Founder and CEO of INUSUAL (inusual.com). Author of the book "Estrategia Digital" (estrategiadigital.org) 6th edition. Member of International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, Official Ambassador of The Webby Awards in Spain. Traditional interruptive advertising, branding and marketing isn't working effective anymore. Now the consumers have the power, you can't no longer interrupt them, but they can interrupt you... People are not longer targets, people are communities, and they expect to be treated with care and respect. Today the only way to achieve customer loyalty and return business is to adapt your marketing model to engage people. Believe that the world needs, not more communication, but better communication. I think that to have the ability to understand consumers in the digital space and to use that understanding to help client’s identify opportunities and meet today's business needs on-line, is absolutely crucial. creativity + innovation + design thinking + business