Peyman Poorebrahim



About Peyman Poorebrahim

About me : My interest to innovation and creativity always guided me to group activities and I’m so excited of this. Group activities has a lots of effect In my life , so that I use this in all of my life part. I my opinion we can always be successful in each part of action and pass the hardship behind with the good and creative team. I always played the role of creator of these kind of teams. Favorites: My favorites divided in 3 part, book, music, and exercise. music : Troy - Remember me- Josh Groban Again – Archive lights – Archive The Ballad of the Broken Birdie Records – múm About Today - National Numb – Linkinpark books: 1-Ali haqiqati bar gone asatir - Dr. Ali Shariyati 2-fight club - Chuck Palahniuk 3-100 years of solitude - Gabriel García Márquez Exercise: Running and gym always was the reason of my gracefulness and relax.