Phil Robertshaw


Experienced entrepreneur with a background in technology and health

About Phil Robertshaw

Founder of Urban Health, which retails its ethical organic products in the UKs largest health chain, Holland & Barrett, Philip has extensive experience in start-ups. Starting out in the period of the internet boom as marketing manager, he helped to advance one of the few ‘dotcoms’ to turn a profit and survive the wave. He took this experience and went on to take more senior roles, and in another promising start up, as Business Development Manager, he created the partner sales channel, which made $1M in revenues in the first year alone. Philip then rounded out his knowledge by attaining his MBA from ESADE international business school. From there he cemented his experience in the online market and worked for one of the biggest online media brands in the world, Yahoo!. He now combines his passion for ethical products and his belief that business can have a positive impact on society, with his knowledge of the online market and his experience of what it takes to create successful start-ups.