Philip Fransson


Swedish entrepreneur who loves health tech. Skills within business developing both in a national an international environment.



About Philip Fransson

My name is Philip Fransson. I´m 24 years old I´m currently living in Sweden. I´m a part of Neki Global which is an international team that has the ambition to bring peace of mind to families all over Europe. My ambition is, therefore, to make Neki the natural choice for families who want to increase their security in Scandinavia. I´m a very active person who loves sport, especially tennis, football, and padel. My experiences from the world of sport are something that I try to apply to my role as an entrepreneur. Meaning that If I push myself and put myself in situations where I'm being challenged I will most likely become a better entrepreneur. The willingness to become better has taken me to Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Gothenburg. The people that I meet there has influenced me the most in terms of ideas on how I can live and work in life.