Rafael Montes


Enterpreneurial spirit, eager to learn and freethinker. Let´s move on with chollazo.com !

About Rafael Montes

A broad experience in the Tourism Industry and in the online distribution. Saas expert, accostumed to deal with challanges and to find solutions and seek alternative solutions to tackle problems and challanges. And out of the box thinker in all aspects and to all levels. Positive thinker and stubborn when it comes to face what it may seem impossible, maybe that is the reason I am an Atlético de Madrid fan... Empathetical and with a personal sense of humor. I am really fond of finding always a meeting point between my objectives and the others´. Good Science Fiction reader, I adore Physics and everything that concerns the hidden reality of the ultra small. I have worked for companies such as American Express, Sol Meliá, El Corte Inglés, Disney and now for the Canarias.com Group in Tenerife. Seeking a business partner to speed up all the business plan of www.chollazo.com (and also improve it) My linkedin profile: https://es.linkedin.com/in/rafael-montes-p%C3%A9rez-75b11222