Agri-business start-up.

A Preeminent startup in Agriculture located in Kenya. Founded by a passionate entrepreneur. The start-up is looking for an investor/funding.



Here is a little bio about myself;

I am astute, confident management professional attuned to the changing needs of business, really motivated and always ready to learn new things.

Have proven leadership abilities in working as a team, handling
multiple tasks, great adaptability to any enterprise’s environment. I
have a high sense of commitment with the assigned functions and a high degree of responsibility.

Inside my values they find the honesty, the sincerity, the service and
the transparency; which have helped me to support good interpersonal relations and to enrich furthermore my personal and professional life.


Briefly, Preeminent start-up is an  Agri-business that grows crops which provide food supply to the ready and established market. The use of preeminent strategies makes this business unique and different. A very competent and experienced team is in place working towards making it a very successful business venture. 

    We have secured 6 high profile customers with potential of large orders.
    We have a team of Agriculture experts.
    Our start-up is a solution to a very complicated and difficult problem.
    Very positive feed back from potential customers.
    We have a competitive advantage.

This business is looking for an  investor to play a passive role. The required amount is GBP180,000.  Convertible debt, Equity or unsecured loan can be considered. Investor deck and 3 year cash projections are available on request by an accredited investor. For more information  contact;



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