Sergi González


Open minded person with an International and global way of thinking. I love challenges, continous improvement also add value to anything.


About Sergi González

More than 20 years’ experience in Fashion also in Sporting Goods industry as CEO / General Manager with a proven track record in Strategic definition and Business development, improving commercial also financial results. Used to leading teams in continous changing environments, capable of combining soft skills with a clear vision of company goals. Open minded person also with an International and global way of thinking I love new challenges to move organizations to the targeted objectives even beyond. I consider myself as a retail lover, full consumer oriented also as an omni-channel visionary. Expert in: Business plan, Strategic definition, Digital Transformation, Data analisys, Organizational & cultural change. Main Skills: Managerial and leading capabilities, Team leader, Negotiation, Innovation, Adding value, Continous improvement, Empathy, Flexibility.