About Siervum

Siervum is a Spanish artisan company created with an international outlook. Our mission is to design and make handcrafted products that are emotionally attractive, addictive and generate the feeling of belonging to a group in a sophisticated, poetical and metaphorical way. Inspired by the erotic practices of Bondage, Submission, Masochism and Dominance, we create lovely articles that are not associated with the obscurantism that is quite normal in the sector, but rather with the philosophy of being made to be worn as a fashion accessory, in the majority of cases, by a kind of woman who is free, sophisticated, elegant and has a rebellious side to her. We work side by side our very own designer, Alejandro Chinchilla (Yecla-Spain 1988), and designers of international standing, who help us create these unique and original pieces that are made at our fabric and silk, leather and metal workshops by the skilled craftsmen and women who have many years of experience making pieces in each one of the aforesaid materials. As we have our own workshops we can make special made-to-measure pieces to order. We are open to any ideas and designs our clients might have to produce any kind of fanciful article that they have in mind, which they won’t find anywhere else in the World. Each product is a remarkable exclusive handmade piece that involves numerous manual processes, which makes each one of them unique and exclusive. We wrap all of them in a lovely gift box that is sent inside a strong protective cardboard box, which is completely discreet and comes without any type of distinguishing feature of our brand and this is sent free of charge to any country within the EU. We want to touch your soul; we want to share a unique outlook. We are Siervum, your brand, your passion.