Skopje Startup Club


The purpose of the Skopje Startup Club is to create a vibrant startup community in Skopje, Macedonia

About Skopje Startup Club

Hi! My name is Aneta. I am a founder of 3 startups (in the travel tech space), business advisor and investor. I recently returned to Macedonia after 10+ years spent living and working in New York and London and I am very passionate about creating a vibrant startup community in Skopje. I am focused on two local projects right now: - Skopje Startup Club - a community of startup enthusiasts. You can join at https://www.meetup.com/SkopjeStartupClub/ - Skopje Co-Working Space (coming in 2017) - a modern workplace where freelancers and startup teams can work together, share ideas and drive innovation in Skopje. You can contact me at skopjesc@gmail.com if you would like to join this project or provide investment/support.