Suhail Ahmad


I'm an entrepreneurial leader, trusted adviser, and consultant on digital strategy, sales, and finance.

About Suhail Ahmad

I'm passionate about solving BIG problems for small-medium enterprises (SME) around the world. These problems often revolve around ineffective business strategy, faltering sales, and poor financial management. With 17 years of experience in sales and business development including senior management roles in investment banking, corporate advisory and technology; I bring the strategic thinking, creative problem solving, and coaching leadership style that is required to develop sustainable business growth and profitability. Most recently I led a financial analytics company from start-up to strategic sale in less than five years. The company's flagship SiAlpha™ quantitative investment management system helped deliver an outstanding 37% annual return over the 5-year period. Key Skills: • Corporate Sales • Strategic Planning • Business Development • Management Training • Digital Transformation • Change Management • Business Analysis • Stakeholder Management • Corporate Finance • Portfolio Management • Mergers and Acquisitions • Private Equity and VC Contact Details: +44 (0)131 208 2786 Twitter @SuhailAhmad