Sultan Meghji


Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor & Mentor


About Sultan Meghji

Transformational thought leader identified as an industry expert and influencer; sought out by various Startups, Fortune 500 corporations, Public Sector organizations and Nonprofits for expertise in developing supportable, scalable, stable, and innovative IT solutions, business models and disruptive products. High-impact player able to maximize technological investments, solve complex business challenges, and drive a company’s profit engine. Skilled in partnering with executives and boards of directors to align technical and business goals in transforming both technology and the business. A proven track record of establishing new products and technologies as well as pivoting businesses to more effective models. Strong international exposure in establishing operations in Asia, Europe & South America. Brings a unique combination of technical and business skills to any role, made more effective by a lifetime of multiculturalism and international exposure.